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Bath Salts with Epsom Salt By Vishisht Lifestyle Review

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I know I have been MIA for a long time now but I am finally back to my happy place, aka, my blogs. I had been occupied with some personal stuff but now you will get your daily dose of my natural hacks and my stories of trial and errors with different products.

While I was away, I tried a lot of products, so a lot of reviews would be greeting your screens in the coming days. And today I am sharing my experience using a bath salt which contains Epsom salt and smells heavenly.

Vishisht Lifestyle Epsom Bath Salt Review

Vishisht lifestyle bath salt

I have tried a lot of different products from this brand. I have tried their lip balm, dry shampoo, night cream and now I tried my hands on their bath salts. There are very few brands that I go back and shop again and Vishisht Lifestyle is definitely one of them.

The reason being that our ideologies(mine and brand’s) beautifully align together. I love things that are completely natural, pure, smell wonderful, environmentally safe and most importantly, cruelty-free. You guys know how important that is for me.

Okay so this time while browsing, I came across their new range of bath salts. Being a bath salt addict, I instantly got my hands on it. They also sent a couple of coffee-scented candles which made my bath much more relaxing. I just pour myself a bubble bath, add their bath salt and some rose petals,lit their candles and played my favourite music. Within minutes I felt nirvana-like peace.

The usp of their bath salts is that it contains epsom salt. I specifically picked up this variant because Epsom salts along with essential oils are perfect for detox and mood relaxing. Now, this has been my ritual. No matter what, I do this for myself every evening. This is my way of showing myself some much-needed self-love.


  • Natural product
  • free of harsh chemicals
  • smells incredible
  • mood changer
  • relieves pain
  • cruelty-free


  • The packaging is not travelled friendly
  • Not available in local stores

Where To Buy Vishisht Lifestyle’s Natural Rose & Lavender Bath Salts?

I got it from their Instagram page but you can also directly place an order at their official website. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check out their dry shampoo. It’s really good.

Go ahead, invest in a good bath salt and pamper yourself with some love. Because you truly deserve it. Like I always believe and say,

Don’t wait for anyone else to pamper you, show you some love. Start to shower yourself with the love that you deserve. Do at least one thing daily that makes you feel loved, pampered and happy. Self Love is what is most important in life.

See you soon with more reviews and a lot of natural solutions to your beauty problems.

Have a lovely day!

PS- This is not a sponsored post. I genuinely loved this product.

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