Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement with Black Cohosh review!

Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement with Black Cohosh Review!

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You know how wonderful and comfortable our lives are because of our mothers. She is one pillar on which our whole life stands. So recently I noticed my mom going through her menopause phase. Which although seems like a dream to get rid of those period cramps, the bleeding and the whole emotionally and physically draining monthly cycle but it leaves a big toll on a women’s body?

It’s like when we have our period, we suffer a few days a month but with menopause, our body goes through the worst hormonal and physical state. And for some women, this lasts for months. Recently I started noticing that my mom got angry very often and sometimes she just felt uneasy. After talking to her, she told me that she is going through early stages of menopause and its taking a toll on her health. This broke my heart.

So I talked to a gynecologist friend of mine and she said it’s painful but quite normal for a woman to experience sudden sweat and hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, uneasiness, sudden chest hurts and what not.

On top of all this, my mom has asthma so she used to face trouble breathing sometimes because of sudden strong hot flashes and fatigue. My friend suggested a good supplement to ease down the symptoms of menopause. So I picked this one by Everteen.

Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement with Black Cohosh

Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement with Black Cohosh review!

Now you must be wondering why this particular brand?

It’s because of the ingredients list in the supplement. It contains extract of black cosh, shatawari, Shatpushpa, jatamansi, and chandrashur. And since my mom is vegetarian, these capsules didn’t have any other harmful ingredients. This was hard to find in other supplements in the market. Most of them had either fish oil or eggs in them.

How To Take These Supplements?

You need to take 2 capsules in the afternoon after your lunch and two capsules after dinner. So all in all 4 capsules daily. The bottle contains 90 capsules, So if you take it religiously it lasts close to three weeks.

My Mom’s Experience Taking Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement

Everteen Menopause Relief Supplement with Black Cohosh review!

I made sure she took it religiously. Although she is very particular with her medicines, she hesitated to consume supplements solely for menopause. But I kept a firm hand.

After taking the capsules, she now experiences those hot flashes a little less. Now they visit every week rather than daily. She feels a bit more energetic and I notice that my mom doesn’t get that angry or emotional often. And that’s the best thing I feel about these supplements.

Are There Any Side Effects?

My mom didn’t face any. As these are completely natural and contains great ayurvedic ingredients, I am sure you won’t feel any side effects either. But please make sure to consult your doctor before incorporating these supplements in your life.

Where To Buy Everteen Menopause Relief Supplements?

I got it from their official website but you can also get it from Amazon.

If you are somebody who is going through a difficult time of menopause, or if you see your mom or sister going through it, this might be a good option to consider. These supplements would help you make this hard phase a little easier.

Hope this helps you in some way. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch to shoot a comment and I will make sure to help you.

Have a lovely day!

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