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Hiring Tips For Selecting The Right Candidate For The Job In The Post COVID Era

COVID-19 hit the earth with its seismic waves and literally changed everything. With strong lockdowns imposed worldwide and the social distancing norms, it was evident that nothing will ever be the same again.

The process of hunting and hiring the right candidate amidst pandemic has experienced a 360-degree shift and now requires a brand-new approach. The hiring norms that were followed before don’t work as effectively in the post-COVID era. Especially for a country like India, where approximately 4.57 million people actively join the workforce every year. 

With COVID-19 leaving an indelible repercussion on the traditional process of hiring, more number of organizations are dabbling with varied hiring techniques which are convenient, cost-effective and easy to follow. It is a given that HR managers now have to rely more on technology to find, interact and, even, onboard the new (right) talent. This article will underscore the nuances of spotting the right talent in the virtual world.

Finding answers in the past records

Searching for the right candidate from scratch is like searching for a diamond in the coal mine. It is extremely time-consuming. To make things quicker, delving deeper into the past records of the candidates can be a good starting point. The good thing here is, your company or team already has some kind of connection with the candidates that have cleared most rounds of the interview in the past and now they may have earned a few more skills too.

If the past isn’t too friendly to throw some solutions at you, it is time to embrace some futuristic means!

Social media and professional network platforms for the rescue

The world now exists and lives on social media. 

Therefore, it makes sense for the recruiters to unlock the digital doors to find the right candidates. Along with social media, finding worthy candidates in your professional network is another good way to go. The chances are that people who are willing to work with you and are also right fit, are already in your network. You never know just how long a simple communication on official company profiles goes in finding the right candidate. So, planning effective social media communication that beautifully highlights your company culture, hiring announcements and more, can help you land the right candidates. Also, do not forget to share the company’s ‘Career’ page links as much as you can.

Having a dedicated ‘Jobs’ page on your organization’s official website is super effective. Most candidates who are a part of your professional network might already be interested to join your company and are looking for an easier way to apply. So always make sure to have a dedicated page for hiring along with a user-friendly application form. 

Make the process as smooth a process as possible. You will be surprised to see how many right people will come to you directly.

Lateral hiring

Another way to make the hiring process a little faster and landing candidates who already have experience in the niche is lateral hiring. Cross-industry hiring is now becoming the new normal. 

Lateral hiring can be done by reaching out to the right candidates with specialized knowledge. In the post-COVID era, the importance of soft skills like problem solving, resilience, punctuality, effective communication, and adaptability has become an integral part of every department of the organization as well as the candidates.

Having an experienced person with right skills do a job is usually a piece of cake. It not only saves man power, time and lot of effort but also helps the organization have a smooth functioning.

Building a strong yet accurate job description

Right job descriptions help the candidates understand better whether they are a perfect fit to be a part of your team or not. Always make sure to add specific and accurate job descriptions. 

For example: Instead of adding to the description that you are looking for an efficient and hardworking candidate, mention that candidate needs to dedicate 50% of his time to building effective strategies for the organization. This small yet specific job description will help you find the right needle in the pile of the haystack.

Employer review platforms

Ever wondered why an ideal candidate turned down the job offer suddenly? or why a candidate looking for a job isn’t too much interested in the opening? – bad reviews. Just as a HR manager relies on candidate’s recommendations before hiring them, candidates refer to employer review platforms to know deeply about the firm they are about to join.  Reviews play an important role. Whether a person buys a shampoo or seeks a job, everybody looks for real reviews online beforehand.

Building a strong strategy for these review platforms can have two-fold benefits. It will help the organization build goodwill in the market and the right candidates can feel comfortable before joining the organization. 

To build a good reputation on these platforms, you need to turn your employees or former employees (because not everyone leaves on a bad note) as your brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors need to carry a critical task of sharing their experience with the firm and the team. A mix of positive to neutral reviews can work wonders for you. The sum total impression of these reviews along with vibrant brand personality on social media, which we discussed in point 2 above, can prove to be rewarding in the long run.

Hiring Genz Candidates

Hiring Genz candidates is another easy route to land the right person for the job. This is because this generation of candidates are quite tech-savvy, open minded and accepting of differences in terms of gender, caste, color and nationality. They are very creative in finding quick fixes and planning effective growth strategies.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, another important thing to keep in mind is comfort and right communication. While the candidates are applying for your organization, they are also applying for others as well. Thus, when you land the right candidate, it is of utmost importance to make them feel valued. The more comfortable they feel, the better are their chances of sticking by your organization. 

These tips may be a little out of your comfort zones but when followed will help you find your right candidates in the post-pandemic era. 

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