How To Use V Wash Plus?
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How to Use V Wash Plus Intimate Hygiene Expert? A Detailed Review!

While most of us tend to look and feel pretty outside, we ignore the most important part of our daily lives, internal cleanliness. On getting to know about V wash plus, I was excited and ordered it immediately from Nykaa. Their delivery was super fast and I was happy to know a product like this existed, specially designed for female hygiene.

About the Brand: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Owing to the majority of our population going through vaginal infections, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals brought this product to existence. With their headquarters in Mumbai, Glenmark Pharma was found in 1977 as a generic drug and Pharma ingredient manufacturing company.

While most of the women neglect the hygiene of their private parts, this product was specially designed as a single usage product, which they couldn’t ignore. This product is a constant reminder for females of all age groups to incorporate it into their daily lives to keep their intimate parts healthy and clean.

Selling their products in India, Glenmark decided to educate women about the harmful effects of using regular soap to clean their vagina. Most of the women are ashamed talking about a sensitive topic like this, but V wash plus is making them more open and aware of vaginal health.

V Wash Plus Intimate Hygiene Expert Review

How To Use V Wash Plus?

Appearance: V wash plus comes in a white bottle, with a curved arched defining a woman and the pink cap indicating an intimate product. A bottle that can be spotted amongst other bottles owing to its shape, and reading ‘V wash’ in the first glimpse. V wash stands for a vaginal wash.

A silhouette of a woman’s body and a triangle made in the place of a vagina, the pink sticker on the bottle is self-explanatory. The sticker also denotes some of the most important aspects of this product.

A green dot indicating a vegan product and the pH level 3.5, which is apt to be used for cleansing of the vagina. A 100ml liquid wash bottle, which has a unique pH balance of lactic acid.

Ingredients: It has three main ingredients – Lactic acid which is responsible for maintaining the pH level. Sea Buckthorn oil and Tea Tree oil make it a natural product, with no side effects.

How To Use V Wash Plus?

  • Pour a few drops of V wash plus (which is in a gel form) on your palm and add few drops of water to it, to make it into a liquid mix. Now apply gently only in the exterior walls of the vagina and wash away. You may need to repeat a wash, in case you still find that area soapy.
  • This product strictly meant for external use only.
  • Use it once a day for sure, but can also choose to use it twice during summers or a more humid season.

Price and shelf life: Priced at Rs.180 for 100ml V wash plus has a shelf life of about 2 years from its manufacturing date. Even if you don’t intend to use it daily, and only during your monthly cycle you still would be able to consume the whole bottle before its expiry. V wash should be stored in a cool dry place, away from humidity moisture and extreme temperature.

My Experience Using V Wash Plus

How To Use V Wash Plus?


A healthy vaginal flora requires a pH of 3.5 and the pH in V wash plus varies between 2.5 to 4.5, making it a great product for daily use.  A gynecologist recommended this product to a friend, especially during her period cycle. As she advised, one is bleeding constantly but ought to keep clean and feel fresh too. I tried this product on her advice, and V wash plus became a part of my daily morning regime.

I was hugely impressed by how refreshing and comforting, the first trial was. It changed the way I felt during my monthly cycle and has definitely aided in preventing any bacterial or fungal infections.


  • Keeps the vagina clean
  • Protects from bacteria
  • No unwanted smell
  • Prevents irritation in the intimate area
  • Washes away a burning sensation (in case you experience any)
  • Available in a travel-friendly pack too
  • Prevents abnormal discharge
  • No side effects


  • None as such
RSV Rating


A must have intimate hygiene product for every woman.

Where To Buy V Wash Plus Online?

Available at mostly all medical stores, Nykaa or Amazon.

Yay or Nay?


This one should be the most essential product on your list of products to invest in each month. A product not marketed heavily, but very important for a woman. Get noticed, as you are the last one standing, owing to the comfort in your own skin, literally.

-Article Contributed By Tanvi Gupta.

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