lakme sun expert fairness+uv lotion sunscreen review
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Lakme Sun Expert Fairness+UV Lotion Sunscreen Review-Does it Really Protect Your Skin???

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Summers is getting little hard to bare this year, isn’t it???
lakme sun expert fairness+uv lotion sunscreen review
Well a while back I wrote a post on Hair Products with SPF and why you should be using one for your hair??? As for skin protection from sun, I have always been a Lakme Girl. It was my first Sun protect that I got my hands on and loved it to the core.
Lakme Sun Expert Fairness+ UV Lotion Sunscreen Comes in yellow colored plastic bottle and it looks quite chic and it is really travel friendly, which is an absolute must as far as sunscreen is concerned.

My Experience with lakme sun expert fairness+uv lotion sun screen

lakme sun expert fairness+uv lotion sunscreen review
I am one of those people who gets tanned merely by looking towards the sun through my window. So I have to invest in a good sunscreen. As I mentioned above, I have always been using it and love it because of the following reasons
  1.  It has really non greasy formula. I just had those greasy lotions.
  2. It does the job perfectly. I get great protection and my skin does not get tanned easily.
  3. It has light fragrance that goes away after some time. I don’t like strong smelling beauty products.
  4.  It adds beautiful texture to your skin and makes your skin tone look even. This is the best thing about this one.

The only complaint I have is its but pricey. I mean the quantity should have been more. Don’t you think???

lakme sun expert fairness+uv lotion sunscreen review

Where to Buy Lakme Sun Expert Fairness+UV Lotion SunScreen???

Its really easy ti find it in any local store or you can also buy it from Amazon like I do.


  • Beautiful Bottle
  • Easy Availability
  • Travel Friendly
  • Protects from UV
  • Evens Skin tone
  • Mild Smell
  • With SPF 24


  • Bit Pricey (considering the quantity in my opinion)

Overall RSV Rating : 4.5/5

Yay or Nay??? Will I Re-Purchase???

Yay for me!!! I just love it. It prevents me from tanning and I just hate sun tan. I have been and will definitely gonna keep purchasing it again and again.

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Hope this ReviewSheView helped you in someway.Do give this product a try, I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Don’t forget to join in our Facebook Group and Please Follow me on Instagram.
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