Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review
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Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review: Ingredients, Prices and Buy Online India!

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I recently got my hands on couple of products from Lass Naturals. Lass Naturals is a unique brand that combines ayurvedic formulas and modern techniques to bring you best of both worlds. You can check more about them here.

Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review

I recently reviewed its Alphanso Mango Lip Balm here and today I have with me lass naturals rose and honey soap free face wash.

Lass Naturals Face Wash Review

Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review
Appearance: Lass Naturals Face Wash comes in a tube packing that is really attractive. It has beautiful roses on it which looks really chic. The tube shuts tightly making it spill free and travel friendly.

The face wash is pink in color and its looks like yummy jelly. It smells just as amazing as roses. It is soap free as well as paraben free.

Price: Rs.115 for 100gms.

Shelf Life: 30 months

Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review

My Experience using Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Face Wash

When I got my hands on Lass Naturals products, this face wash was the first thing that I actually tried. Reason being the choice of ingredients. We all know using honey for face is so great. Honey actually evens your skin tone and makes your skin look younger. Roses on the other hand is a really royal ingredient. Remember in the ancient times how queens used to bathe with milk that had rose petals in it. That’s because roses are really great for your skin. Rose actually helps in soothing your skin and making it healthy inside out.

Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review
As soon as I opened the cap, I was greeted by pretty roses’s smell and beautiful pink colored face wash. It looked so beautiful. Though this face wash didn’t contain soap it effectively lathered and cleaned my face deeply and gently. You really need to take a pea sized amount of this face wash and it just works like a charm.
Since, it contains honey, its bit sticky in nature. If you take more than a pea sized amount, it takes bit longer to get rinsed off. I have been using this one for quite sometime now and all I have for it is praises. It works really great for my skin and my skin is visibly clear and is looking flawless these days.
The only complain I have is that it does not remove makeup completely. And since, its bit sticky so it might not be a good match for oily skin types but as for me, I like it.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Attractive packaging
  • Soap and paraben free
  • Contains roses and honey
  • Really gentle on skin
  • Evens skin tone from within
  • Completely natural
  • Sls free but lathers well
  • Only need pea sized amount for each wash


  • Bit sticky so might not be suitable for oily skin
  • Does not remove make up completely
  • Not available in local stores easily

Where to buy Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Face Wash???

This Face wash is available on their official online store and on Amazon.

Yay or Nay???

Yay for me. I love this face wash. It had really worked well for my dry skin. My skin has started looking healthier. I only need to use a make-up remover before it at night. But I don’t really mind that. I definitely recommend you to try it.

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