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Mojo Handykraftz: Handmade Organic Beauty Products In India: Mini Reviews!

Hey Guys,

You know my love for organic, handmade and cruelty-free products. I am always digging the internet to find such new brands to try. Recently, I landed on a page of one such brand called Mojo HandyKraftz. As I went through their products range, I was left speechless. The wonderful lady behind the brand makes all the amazing products at home by herself and the ingredients she uses are simply mind blowing. I just knew I have to give some of the beauties from their range and share my experience with you guys.

About The Brand: Mojo Handykraftz

Mojo Handykraftz is a handmade luxury brand run by Neelima Badola from Vishakhapatnam. She makes the products in small batches and the products are completely organic and cruelty-free. You can find out more here.

What I tried from Mojo Handykraftz

  • Mojo Handykraftz Cold process liquid soap base
  • Mojo Handykraftz Mixed fruit skin whitening cream
  • Mojo Handykraftz Pearl soap and anti-acne soap
  • Mojo Handykraftz White Flower Body mist

Mojo Handykraftz Cold Process Liquid Soap Base Review

Mojo Handykraftz liquid soap base review

I have very sensitive skin. So the winters and the chemically loaded handwashes make my skin extremely dry. But with this liquid soap, it does not steal any moisture from your skin. This is by far the highlight from this haul.

It costs Rs.200 for 250ml and comes in a very simple yet travel-friendly packaging. It smells nice and won’t trouble even those with sensitive noses. Even though I wash my hands 100 times a day, it still keeps my hands soft.

Overall, if your skin gets dry, then you can definitely opt for this baby.

Mojo Handykraftz Mixed Fruit Skin Whitening Cream Review



Mojo Handykraftz Mixed Fruit Skin Whitening Cream Review


Mojo Handykraftz Mixed Fruit Skin Whitening Cream Review


Mojo Handykraftz Mixed Fruit Skin Whitening Cream Review

I love using fruit-based products. And finding a skin cream which contains fruits definitely intrigued me. The cream contains fruits like Apple, Banana, Strawberry puree, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Grapeseed oil.

The cream glides on smoothly but you need to massage it for a while in order for it to get absorbed completely. It leaves skin soft and hydrated for good 5-6 hours. However, it contains small chunks of strawberry(like very minute ones). It does not trouble the skin but it makes the experience a little different especially if you are used to using the skin creams available in the market.

This mixed fruit skin whitening cream costs Rs. 280 for 100gm and this too has a very simple packaging.

Overall, it is a good hydrating skin cream which is perfect for winters but I haven’t seen any skin whitening as such. I will keep you updated about it though.

Mojo Handykraftz Pearl Soap And Anti-Acne Soap Review

Mojo Handykraftz Pearl Soap And Anti-Acne Soap Review

Along with them, I also received very adorable pearl shaped handmade soap and an anti-acne handmade soap. Honestly the pearl soap is the cutest soap ever. The ingredients of the soap or any other details aren’t mentioned on the packaging. But like other products, these babies too have a wonderful fragrance of essential oils.

Mojo Handykraftz Pearl Soap And Anti-Acne Soap Review

The pearl soap is very hydrating in nature and leaves skin super soft and I didn’t have to rush towards my body lotion.

As you know, I don’t have any acne on my skin but my husband does. So, I asked him to test the anti-acne soap. He is currently using it for washing his face twice a day. He said, his skin is getting improved and acne is definitely getting lighter. Overall he is super impressed with this soap and approves it with flying colors.
Mojo Handykraftz Pearl Soap And Anti-Acne Soap Review

Both these soaps cost Rs.85 each.
Mojo Handykraftz Pearl Soap And Anti-Acne Soap Review

Overall, if you are looking to try a great handmade soap for dry skin or acne, do give these a try. Honestly, if you are willing to give any particular product from Mojo Handykraftz, then I strongly recommend giving their handmade soaps a try.

Mojo Handykraftz Body Mist Review

Mojo Handykraftz Body Mist Review

This, however, I haven;t gotten around to use it yet. Will share about it soon. It smells wonderful though and costs Rs.100 for 20ml.

Where To Buy Mojo HandyKraftz Handmade Organic Beauty Products In India?

I got mine from their Facebook page. But you can also message them on their Instagram Page.

Yay or Nay?

I can definitely say I had a wonderful experience trying out Mojo Handykraftz products. The one thing that I would love to share here is along with being free of harsh chemicals and made from natural ingredients they smell divine. Almost all the products have a wonderful soothing smell of essential oils. Except for the body mist(since I haven’t tried it yet), I will definitely recommend all the other products.

If you are willing to try out a new brand that won’t throw a lot of chemicals in the name of natural than you should definitely consider trying out this brand. You will definitely love their products.

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul with mini-reviews. Do let me know which products or brands you want mt try next. To see what’s on my testing table, you can follow me on my Instagram.

Have a lovely day!

PS: PR Samples and as always honest review!

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