Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets
Nature Sure

Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets For Healthier Life

If you follow me on my Hair Blog, you might already know how much I adore and talk about this ingredient: The Kalonji. I make kalonji hair oil for hair regrowth and I am currently working on making a Kalonji hair mask too. 

So, when I came across pure kalonji tablets I was intrigued.

Benefits of Kalonji Tablets

Not only kalonji works heavenly to cure hair issues but also has numerous health benefits. It helps in

  • boosting immunity
  • increasing stamina
  • helps in managing diabetes
  • strengthens joints and bones
  • rejuvenates body and mind
  • boosts digestive health
  • stimulates brain health
  • and useful in sleep disorders. 

Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets Review

Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets

These tablets come in a regular brown bottle with a golden cap. It looks attractive unlike other tablet bottles in the market.

Price: Rs.395 for 90 tablets.

How to Use: Take two tablets with water twice a day or as advised by the physician.

My Experience Using Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets

Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets

My dad suffers from high blood pressure and lately, he wasn’t having sound night sleeps. So I asked him to take these tablets. These being completely natural, we both felt comfortable in giving it a try.

My dad took it for a whole month and now I am sharing his experience here.He felt uneasy and irritated all day because if his high bp issues. And he was constantly cranky because of sleepless nights.

After taking these capsules, he starting sleeping 4-5 hours peaceful every night. This, in turn, started having a wonderful effect on his health. HE appeared happy.

After consuming these for the entire month, he feels calm and peaceful. He also feels more energized throughout the day.

Overall, these are quite safe and you can take these if you have low stamina or struggling with health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes then give it a try. 


  • Boosts stamina
  • Helps maintain bp
  • works great for hair and skin
  • Useful in sleep disorders


  • Not available offline

Where To Buy Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets?

I got it from Amazon but you can also check out Nature sure official website for more such products.

Yay or Nay?


Seeing your dad happy and healthy, is there a better feeling in the world than that? I love its positive effects on his health. Do give it a try and you will find its effects positively impacting your body and health.

Have a lovely day!

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