Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice Review
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Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice Review-Is It Really Worth Your Money????

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Recently I got my hands on Neesh Pocket perfumes and love it to the core. I got two variants but this one called Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice is simply amazing. Typical my kind of perfume. Not too strong, not too light just the perfect one.

Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice Review

About the Brand

Neesh is a perfume brand. They make super classy pocket perfumes which are just the perfect thing to carry around with you. You can read more about Neesh Perfumes here.

Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice Review and My Experience with it

This pocket perfume comes in super classy small square shape bottle with easy to spray nozzle. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever. ??? The bottle too looks really chic with black bottle and the pink and gold cover looks super stunning. Full points for packaging from me.The perfume consists of essential oils instead of harmful fillers this made go for it. It instantly helps in brightening your mood. You can read more about the ingredients here.

Like the name suggests Neesh Pocket Perfumes are super easy to carry in your pocket. I carry it around all the time and its super convenient. The only downside is that it accidentally gets pressed sometimes. Other than that I have no complaints. The smell stays for good 8 hours but lightens with time. Each spray costs around Rs.1 which is quite great.

Neesh Perfume Oud De Venice Review


  • Travel Friendly
  • Looks Great
  • Smells Wonderful
  • Stays for 8 hours
  • Affordable considering each spray costs less than Rs.1
  • Contains essential oils


  • Fragrance lightens with time
  • Not easily available in local stores

Where to buy Neesh Perfumes Online???

As I mentioned above, these beauties are not yet available in local stores. But you can buy them from Amazon or their official Neesh Online Store.

Overall RSV Rating : 3/5

Yay or Nay???

Its just in between. I like this beauty. They are definitely at least worth one try. I am eager to try their different variants now.
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