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Everteen Daily Panty Liners Review: Why You Need To Use Them?

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As you know I have been sharing y experience using different feminine hygine products lately. I have reviewed Intimate wash, Bikini line hair removal, menstrual cup and today I am sharing about Panty liners. I just can do without them but I see most people aren’t aware of how useful this little fella is.

What is a panty liner?

Okay, there is nothing to be embarrassed about in case if you don’t know hat a panty liner is. Even I learned about them through my gynaec just a couple of years ago.

A Panty liner is basically a thin and smaller version of pad meant to absorb your white discharge or little spotting that you experience before and after your period. These being thin and small they are safe and actually meant for daily use. But I only use them when I experience discharge or spotting.

everteen daily panty liners review

Appearance: The panty liners come in small and compact individual packaging. These are made of cotton and are very soft to touch. Since these are meant to absorb the little flow and you don’t use them on your heavy flow days. These are compact and travel-friendly. Plus they don’t peep through your clothes and are quite comfortable to wear.

Price:Rs.199 for 36 pcs.

How to Use: Just remove the cover and stick them t your panties as you do with your regular pads and you are good to go.

My Experience Using Everteen Daily Panty Liners

everteen panty liners

Now as I mentioned above I just cannot do without panty liners. This is because on my last days of the period I experience a very little spotting so I tend to avoid pads or menstrual cup. So these panty liners come in handy. They are so soft and gentle. They absorb nicely too.

Also in between periods sometimes my body behaves strangely and I experience a white discharge that’s when these become my savior. Overall if you haven’t been using panty liners and still using the pad on the normal spotting day then you need to make the quick switch. These are more gentle on your skin as these aren’t loaded with chemicals and are made up of cotton.


  • Easy to use
  • very thin
  • absorbs nicely
  • Comfortable to wear
  • travel-friendly
  • Perfect for light spotting and discharge


  • None

Where to buy ever teen daily panty liners in India?

These are available on their official store and Amazon too.

Yay or nay?

There is nothing that would make me go may for this particular t product. I am a big fan of panty liners these have been a game changer for me. You should definitely consider incorporating them in your lives too.

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