everteen natural intimate wash review
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Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review: Does It Leave Your Skin Dry & Itchy?

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As you guys know I got a lot of stuff from Everteen a few days back and I already shared its menstrual cup experience as well as its bikini line hair removal cream and today after almost emptying its intimate wash, I am here to share my two cents on it.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

everteen natural intimate wash review

I picked the entire Everteen range because my skin down there is very very sensitive and I was looking for products that were free of harsh chemicals and won’t damage or harm my skin in the long run. So when I tried the intimate wash I had really high hopes for it.

everteen intimate wash

everteen intimate wash

The Everteen Natural intimate wash comes in a transparent bottle with a pink flip shut cap. The bottle is adorable because its colors and is travel-friendly as well. The product itself has a yellow color and gel-like consistency with a mild fragrance. I actually adored the fragrance as it stayed for quite a while.

Price: Rs.180 for 105ml.

Ingredients:everteen natural intimate wash review

Shelf Life: 1 year.

How To Use: Wash your hands and wet external vaginal area. Pour enough quantity of everteen onto palm and apply on external vaginal area. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily.

My Experience using Everteen Natural intimate wash review

everteen natural intimate wash review

The gel-like consistency of the product actually makes it really easy to apply and use. It spreads easily and within seconds it lathers beautifully. After rinsing I noticed my skin felt soft and had a nice pleasant fragrance.

I didn’t notice any dryness or itchiness like I d if I ever use normal soaps instead. This one definitely does a great job at cleaning effectively while maintaining the PH level of the vaginal area.

I am super happy that I finally found a good option to keep my skin down there healthy. The best part is it doesn’t give any rash or itchy afterward and skin feels nice until the next day. Plus the bonus is it is free of all harsh chemicals.


  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Cute packaging
  • Travel-friendly bottle
  • Smells nice
  • Maintains PH level of the vagina
  • Keeps skin itchy free
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin


  • Not available in local stores
RSV Heading


A good option to consider to keep your intimate area clean, dry and happy. Its natural and maintains PH level of your intimate area really well.

Where to buy Everteen Natural intimate wash review in India?

I got it for their online store but I found that it’s also available on Amazon.

everteen intimate wash

Yay or nay?


There is nothing that I dislike about this product. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it does that with flying colors. A good option to consider to keep your intimate area clean, dry and happy.

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