NY Bae Liquid lipsticks review and swatches
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Ny Bae Liquid Lipsticks from Purplle: Review & Swatches| Most Affordable Liquid Lipsticks In India

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Have you heard of NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks yet? Well, I am sure you might have. This brand launched in India and took the beauty industry by storm. It launched cruelty-free, toxicity free, lead-free and affordable range of makeup and everybody can’t stop going gaga over this brand. So being a beauty blogger, I had to get my hands on these to find out what the rave was all about. So I ordered a bunch of stuff by NY Bae from Purplle’s recent lipstick sale.

About the brand: NY Bae

Initially, I thought that this was an international brand but nope. Their products are manufactured in Thane Mumbai. They make toxic and cruelty-free affordable makeup that sells exclusively on Purplle. But that’s all I could find out about them. Even google didn’t assist much in this case. Which to me was a bit weird?

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks


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Appearance: The liquid lipsticks come in normal slender and slick packaging. It is transparent in color with a black cap where the name of the brand is endorsed in silver. Along with it has shade number and color name mentioned on it. The applicator is a bit long compared to other liquid lippies I own but that wasn’t bothersome.

Hows the texture?

These liquid lipsticks have a creamy formula that glides smoothly and dries up within half a minute. It turns to complete matte just how I love my lipsticks to be. However, after a few minutes, it starts feeling a bit chalky on my lips that too after using it on my lips that were exfoliated and moisturized beforehand.

Hows the pigmentation?

That’s the key that these lipsticks have people raving about them. The pigmentation is bomb dot com. These are so insanely pigmented that within one go you have your lips shining in your favorite shade.

NY Bae Liquid lipsticks review and swatches

Does it last long?


The color lasts easily for more than 5 hours that too with meals. Plus its smudge proof, transfer proof, toxic proof and most importantly cruelty-free.

Price: Rs.195 for the 3ml product. But make sure to shop while they are on sale so you can get them at almost half the price.

Shades I tried my hands on

NY Bae Liquid lipsticks review and swatches

  • Charlotte’s Perfect Night
  • Lit As Times Square Ball
  • Samantha’s Fantasy
  • It’s velvety under the ground
  • Big Apple Babe

Yes, I agree. The names are very weird!


NY Bae Liquid lipsticks review and swatches


  • Extremely affordable
  • Beautiful shade range
  • Glides smoothly
  • Hella pigmented
  • Lasts at least 5 hours
  • Smudge-proof
  • Toxic proof
  • Cruelty-free
  • You can easily get it on discount


  • Ingredients list not mentioned which makes me doubtful
  • No more information about the brand is available online
  • The packaging isn’t that attractive
  • Dries out lips
  • Feels chalky on my lips despite exfoliating and moisturizing
  • Not available in local stores

Where to Buy NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks in India?

These are exclusively available online on Purplle. That’s where I got mine from.

Yay or Nay?


These lippies despite being on the drier side have way too many pros to be missed. I especially love how matte, smudge free and long lasting these are. I am one of those weirdos whose lipstick barely lasts an hour no matter what brand you use. But these definitely are a breath of fresh air.

For the price range, you should definitely grab them. I am definitely going to be adding more shades soon.

Have a lovely day!

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